New year can mean a new start

2nd January 2019

My name is Ade I am a Companion living at Emmaus Sheffield.  Originally born and bred in Wolver Hampton in 1966.


My mother was a great lady but my father was an abusive alcoholic, meaning that anything that went wrong WENT wrong. I was the one who was beaten black and blue on a regular basis.

I left home at the age of 17, just wacked out and ended up on the South coast a few hours after leaving. I soon found a job and a place to live within days. I worked for a company for over 16 years. Within this time of working and starting a new life, I lost my Mum to cancer, which I found hard to cope with, but I knew inside of me that she would want me to be happy. I was married for over 15 years, happy and life was great, until one day my life was about to change.

I found out that my wife was having an affair, which broke me to bits. I packed a bag and left her. I spent time in depression, lost my job and lived life as a homeless person in church graveyard for 3 years.

One day a guy from a drop in centre approached me and asked me if I had heard of a place called Emmaus. I said no I hadn’t. After hearing about them I was in Emmaus Glasgow within hours of applying. To this day I have been through quite a few Emmaus’s. Some good, some not so good, but the help and support is there to help people move on in life. While being in Emmaus’s I have completed courses in mentoring and driving, including a CPC qualification and driver assessment.

Since moving to Emmaus Sheffield, I have started a 5-a-side football team and secured us some brand new kit from Sheffield United. I work on the vans and in the shop on the till, booking in collections and deliveries. Last month I was promoted to the role of responsible companion.


 I am now 100 percent ready to move on into the world again.  I want to find a job, have my own flat. I have pride in myself, from where I have come from, what I have been through, to where I am today. I have belief in myself and am ready to move on. The staff at Emmaus Sheffield are really good at helping you and advising you to do this.

I will always be grateful for the help throughout Emmaus and I hope to volunteer to give back what I was once given.


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