Here at Emmaus we aren't just about the shop, we also have some other fantastic services:

PAT Testing

We have a team of fully trained PAT testers that can deal with all of your portable electrical requirements. You have the choice of bringing your items to us, or we can send the team to you. We offer a range of prices depending on the number of items you need testing:

Download the most up to date price list below, if you get a better quote please get in touch, we're happy to match other prices.

PAT Test Pricing

Warehousing & Distribution

We currently operate a warehousing and distribution service for the Sheffield company Conxa. We pack, store, handle e-commerce and finally the distribution of their revolutionary drilling system Thru-in-1. This provides Emmaus with a great link into the world of modern business and Conxa get a highly skilled and dedicated team to handle their products.

Further opportunties

Emmaus succeeds by being flexible so we are always looking for new opportunities, if you have something you think we might be able to help you with, please feel free to get in touch.