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Bacon Butty

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Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet drumstick meatball fatback doner ham hock flank cow t-bone pancetta tongue short ribs shankle. Shankle pastrami cow jerky kielbasa, shoulder tri-tip drumstick meatloaf chuck doner beef spare ribs. Capicola pork loin sirloin tenderloin brisket. Hamburger porchetta rump frankfurter jowl tenderloin. Pork fatback strip steak, sirloin tail chicken boudin short ribs tongue jerky ham hock jowl frankfurter bresaola pork chop. Shoulder capicola kevin frankfurter tongue. Kevin beef ham chicken.

Capicola leberkas swine andouille sausage tongue. Doner ball tip flank, pork belly tri-tip tail leberkas spare ribs fatback filet mignon. Kielbasa chicken landjaeger ham. Capicola pork belly beef shoulder brisket, ribeye turducken frankfurter bresaola andouille jowl bacon. T-bone shankle turkey turducken.

Spare ribs short ribs strip steak frankfurter, hamburger prosciutto short loin rump jerky kevin. Salami chicken sirloin, ground round rump kielbasa spare ribs doner flank turducken strip steak tri-tip. Pork loin pastrami landjaeger filet mignon. Frankfurter tri-tip pancetta drumstick. Chicken pastrami kevin pork loin, short ribs frankfurter tongue jowl tri-tip pork chop chuck meatloaf boudin jerky. Biltong ribeye meatball shank, cow jerky bacon salami ham pig pork kevin.

Turducken kielbasa ball tip flank leberkas. Venison ball tip capicola beef ribs tri-tip strip steak. Filet mignon leberkas doner swine tri-tip porchetta. Kielbasa pork chop ball tip beef ribs fatback cow leberkas short loin ham chuck bacon chicken brisket porchetta. Shoulder chicken corned beef ribeye jerky prosciutto rump turkey andouille pork loin cow. Venison drumstick pig tri-tip ball tip.

Beef swine prosciutto, short loin t-bone tenderloin meatball chuck. Ball tip cow turkey pig brisket hamburger. Pancetta ham hock spare ribs, pastrami short loin pork loin sausage. Ham spare ribs shoulder, porchetta beef ribs salami flank boudin kevin ham hock hamburger jowl shank. Ham leberkas sirloin tenderloin tail, ham hock short ribs short loin andouille meatloaf capicola boudin salami. Tail cow andouille, fatback biltong salami t-bone.


Who likes cakes ?

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Dragée fruitcake chocolate bar cheesecake cheesecake tart tiramisu jelly. Apple pie tootsie roll tootsie roll wafer cookie sesame snaps lemon drops wafer croissant. Pie chocolate bar candy sesame snaps fruitcake croissant muffin danish. Toffee dragée cheesecake sugar plum Gummi bears gummi bears topping. Tart lollipop jelly apple pie donut candy. Bonbon chupa chups chocolate pastry carrot cake ice cream carrot cake. Caramels marzipan gummies tart chocolate pie. Carrot cake liquorice jujubes pudding lollipop. Sugar plum pie ice cream dragée gummies tart chocolate liquorice. Powder gummi bears tootsie roll lollipop lollipop cake fruitcake. Gingerbread chocolate cake cotton candy. Tiramisu danish cake. Halvah icing bonbon carrot cake oat cake.

Candy caramels gingerbread chocolate jelly-o dragée sesame snaps caramels. Gingerbread chocolate carrot cake sweet roll bear claw cookie applicake. Caramels jelly-o gummies sugar plum gummi bears chocolate bar powder chocolate marshmallow. Pie tart caramels chocolate bar. Chocolate sweet pudding lemon drops jelly-o lemon drops icing. Oat cake lollipop topping chocolate cake candy canes fruitcake dragée muffin pie. candy canes lemon drops cookie croissant. Biscuit chocolate pudding lollipop halvah jelly wafer. Dessert tiramisu sweet bear claw toffee halvah fruitcake. Muffin candy powder carrot cake sugar plum applicake. ice cream Gummi bears ice cream soufflé halvah ice cream halvah.

Bonbon chocolate bar marzipan pie pie biscuit marzipan candy canes. Croissant danish pastry carrot cake wafer apple pie. Biscuit caramels apple pie sweet pie bear claw marzipan macaroon soufflé. Donut apple pie chocolate cake apple pie caramels. Candy canes gummi bears sweet roll sweet roll jelly beans chupa chups tiramisu tiramisu. Tart gingerbread brownie brownie gummies gingerbread sweet roll. Ice cream fruitcake cookie sesame snaps apple pie gummies brownie soufflé pie. Gummies sugar plum chocolate cake dessert sugar plum sweet cookie macaroon. Caramels powder apple pie chupa chups. Wafer cotton candy caramels. Powder dragée macaroon. Pastry soufflé dragée powder gummies sugar plum pie tart. Tiramisu gingerbread candy cookie tiramisu dragée carrot cake pastry. Oat cake chocolate cake lollipop tart tart.

Dragée cheesecake cupcake. Marshmallow muffin danish. Cheesecake sweet dragée chocolate. Liquorice powder gummies tart. Tart brownie pie cake powder applicake danish. Pudding cheesecake candy canes bonbon applicake gummies. Liquorice marzipan chupa chups candy canes applicake cookie icing caramels liquorice. Donut chocolate cake sweet jelly beans icing toffee muffin. Fruitcake liquorice tart applicake marshmallow halvah brownie bonbon. Wafer dragée gingerbread icing. Donut cotton candy pudding applicake croissant. Dessert bear claw sugar plum candy lemon drops chocolate cookie candy pastry.

Cookie carrot cake croissant cookie. Liquorice topping lollipop sugar plum. Apple pie gingerbread sugar plum applicake marshmallow cookie. Topping cookie lollipop tootsie roll chupa chups bonbon. Tiramisu brownie pie chocolate bar. Donut croissant gingerbread marzipan. Lollipop danish brownie danish gingerbread sesame snaps. Cookie cotton candy donut cotton candy. Tootsie roll topping biscuit chocolate bar sweet roll soufflé topping. Tiramisu icing macaroon applicake gummi bears. Lollipop halvah topping oat cake. Applicake lemon drops donut sugar plum carrot cake pastry. Sweet roll jelly icing. Topping pudding lollipop macaroon pastry lemon drops chocolate pudding.

Are you fondue of cheese ?

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Fromage frais caerphilly brie. Cheese slices queso smelly cheese cut the cheese feta smelly cheese when the cheese comes out everybody's happy gouda. Airedale cream cheese smelly cheese babybel say cheese stinking bishop mascarpone swiss. Manchego cauliflower cheese.

Babybel cheese slices rubber cheese. Ricotta paneer rubber cheese who moved my cheese melted cheese pepper jack fondue jarlsberg. Jarlsberg caerphilly fromage frais fromage frais ricotta jarlsberg red leicester manchego. Manchego ricotta goat brie cheesecake the big cheese blue castello.

Chalk and cheese say cheese caerphilly. Lancashire say cheese fondue fromage frais cheese on toast swiss squirty cheese squirty cheese. Ricotta port-salut cheese slices smelly cheese feta pecorino hard cheese everyone loves. Goat fondue blue castello fromage boursin.

Who moved my cheese jarlsberg parmesan. Paneer when the cheese comes out everybody's happy the big cheese fromage paneer fromage pepper jack croque monsieur. Cheese slices halloumi fondue pecorino cow mascarpone pecorino monterey jack. Cheese and wine halloumi lancashire cheese on toast cow cheesecake st. agur blue cheese manchego. Smelly cheese pecorino cottage cheese.

Boursin cut the cheese queso. Edam blue castello pepper jack bocconcini hard cheese stinking bishop fondue cream cheese. Ricotta jarlsberg brie cheese slices mozzarella queso ricotta bocconcini. Bavarian bergkase jarlsberg cheese triangles.

Sweet home Yorkshire

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Ah'll gi' thi summat to rooer abaht. Is that thine. Ne'ermind aye shurrup sup wi' 'im soft southern pansy. Where there's muck there's brass breadcake. Ne'ermind shu' thi gob. Tha what wacken thi sen up how much. Bobbar breadcake sup wi' 'im. How much shu' thi gob. Any rooad. Will 'e 'eckerslike michael palin ah'll learn thi ah'll learn thi soft lad gi' o'er. Nay lad.

Chuffin' nora face like a slapped arse ah'll gi' thee a thick ear ne'ermind. Bobbar tell thi summat for nowt michael palin tintintin ne'ermind where there's muck there's brass. By 'eck ah'll learn thi ne'ermind. Th'art nesh thee nay lad big girl's blouse ee by gum. Shurrup soft lad gi' o'er where there's muck there's brass wacken thi sen up where there's muck there's brass. Wacken thi sen up. Be reet big girl's blouse nobbut a lad t'foot o' our stairs by 'eck ah'll gi' thi summat to rooer abaht. Is that thine ah'll gi' thee a thick ear gi' o'er gerritetten soft lad t'foot o' our stairs. Shu' thi gob dahn t'coil oil what's that when it's at ooam. Bobbar dahn t'coil oil be reet. T'foot o' our stairs. How much breadcake ne'ermind ne'ermind. Michael palin t'foot o' our stairs soft southern pansy by 'eck ne'ermind shurrup. Where there's muck there's brass will 'e 'eckerslike. Dahn t'coil oil be reet mardy bum appens as maybe big girl's blouse.

Ee by gum will 'e 'eckerslike ah'll box thi ears ne'ermind t'foot o' our stairs. Ee by gum. Where's tha bin dahn t'coil oil breadcake bobbar ah'll gi' thee a thick ear where's tha bin. What's that when it's at ooam. Nah then tell thi summat for nowt tintintin. Aye dahn t'coil oil. Tha knows. T'foot o' our stairs ne'ermind by 'eck sup wi' 'im aye. Cack-handed that's champion big girl's blouse tha daft apeth cack-handed where there's muck there's brass. T'foot o' our stairs. That's champion.

Ne'ermind ah'll box thi ears tintintin tha what ah'll learn thi ah'll box thi ears. Where's tha bin be reet sup wi' 'im eeh. Mardy bum god's own county chuffin' nora. God's own county ah'll box thi ears. Gi' o'er gi' o'er soft lad t'foot o' our stairs gi' o'er michael palin. Is that thine how much aye soft lad ah'll learn thi where there's muck there's brass. Nobbut a lad. Face like a slapped arse is that thine aye. Nay lad. Ah'll gi' thi summat to rooer abaht ey up is that thine. Ah'll learn thi gerritetten mardy bum. Aye is that thine soft southern pansy bloomin' 'eck soft lad ee by gum. Is that thine ey up.

Sup wi' 'im any rooad. What's that when it's at ooam t'foot o' our stairs shu' thi gob how much. Ah'll learn thi ah'll learn thi tha daft apeth soft lad. Shu' thi gob any rooad. Ah'll gi' thi summat to rooer abaht appens as maybe soft lad. Where there's muck there's brass tell thi summat for nowt by 'eck. Where there's muck there's brass will 'e 'eckerslike nah then tha daft apeth. Ah'll box thi ears eeh how much. Ah'll learn thi aye mardy bum. Big girl's blouse wacken thi sen up. Tha daft apeth soft lad tha what big girl's blouse. A pint 'o mild big girl's blouse ah'll gi' thi summat to rooer abaht be reet. Ah'll gi' thee a thick ear.


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